Yamaha SHS500 Sonogenic 37-key Keytar

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37-note Keytar with Mini Keys, Modulation Wheel, and Bluetooth MIDI Connectivity
The SHS500 Sonogenic Keytar is a fun and exciting way to play music. Its 37 keys play a like a full-sized keyboard and thanks to modern wireless technology including Bluetooth MIDI and iOS connectivity, the SonogenicKeytar can go anywhere on stage. Not a pro player? That doesn't mean you can't have a good time and thanks to JAM mode you can focus on playing the rhythms while the instrument worries about playing the right notes of songs. Play through the Sonogenic's built-in speakers or connect to an external PA through its professional-grade 1/4" AUX Line output jacks. Yamaha Sonogenic 37-key Keytar Features: 37-note keytar with Bluetooth MIDI for wireless iOS connectvity JAM mode lets you focus on playing rhythms while the Sonogenic takes care of playing the correct notes of songs 37 mini keys that play like a full-sized keyboard Modulation wheel lets you control the amount of modulation effect on your sound The USB-to-Host port connects to a wide variety of educational, creative, and entertaining musical applications on your computer or mobile device 3.5mm AUX input for connecting a portable music player, iOS device, mixer, or computer for audio playback via internal speakers ΒΌ" AUX Line output jacks for connecting to an external amp or PA system without disabling the onboard speakers
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